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Written by on January 16, 2017


DJ Chart With Beautiful Day


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DJ Chart (Ivan Herb) was born in Switzerland, St. Gallen.

He produces with many well known artists like Loona, Capitain Jack or Mark Ahsley, Amal Jose, Montreea, The Man etc.

With over 44 million streams (Spotify, ITunes, Facebook, Tiktok, etc.)

Known as a producer with the Best Charts, Hit Explosion, Sport and many other compilations.

He has released more than 270 songs till now with various chart successes all over the world with different styles of music.

The music is also played on TV in many countries, such as breakfast television in Germany, and other programs in Hungary, the USA, etc.

A song was also nominated for Holiday on Ice.


The music ranges from commercial to experimental, various influences are integrated.

Music: Pop, House, Reggaeton, Moombahton, Latinpop, Latin-House, EDM, Electro, Dance, Tropical House, Vocal House, NEW 80s, Chillout, Trap, Hop Hip, Electro Pop, Electro Pop, Electro Pop, Deep House and Trance, Rock, RNB




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