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Written by on November 16, 2023

A Universe Of Poems: From Pen To Paper A Poetry Journey Paperback – Large Print, November 3, 2023

In these pages, you’ll find a world of emotions, experiences, and reflections distilled into the art of poetry. O.J.D invites you on a lyrical journey through the depths of the human heart and the mysteries of life.With verses that explore love, nature, sadness,resilience, and the myriad moments that shape our existence, this poetry collection is a tapestry of emotions, words, and imagery. Each poem is a window into the soul, a mirror to the human experience.From the delicate cadence of love poems to the profound reflections on life’s challenges, O.J.D weaves a poetic narrative that resonates with the universal and the personal. Each stanza is a piece of art, a piece of life, and a piece of you.Discover the power of words, the beauty of expression, and the connections that poetry brings. Open this book, dive into its verses, and let your heart find its reflection

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