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A Universe Of Poems: From Pen To Paper A Poetry Journey Paperback – Large Print, November 3, 2023  by O J D  In these pages, you’ll find a world of emotions, experiences, and reflections distilled into the art of poetry. O.J.D invites you on a lyrical journey through the depths of the human heart and the […]

Understanding Deafness with Felix the Frog: A Unique Creatures Paperback By Willow Foster-Thorpe Come along on an exciting adventure with Felix the Frog, who is deaf and uses Makaton, which is a type of sign language. Together with his friend Rupert the snail they explore the library and meet a very serious and strict librarian […]

Classic songs of the 90s Oasis’ “Roll with It” is undoubtedly one of the classic songs of the 90s, and its enduring popularity is a testament to the band’s enduring appeal. Released in August 1995 as the lead single from their second album “(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?”, “Roll with It” showcases Oasis’ signature rock […]

BContheTrack (feat.Beaux) Weekend   BContheTrack, Bill C grew up in South Central Los Angeles. This is why his beats combine street noises with studio sounds. BC has almost twenty years of music experience ranging from Old School, R&B, Gospel, Trap, and Hip Hop. When asked what he loves most about making beats, he responds, “I […]

The Fan Page For Singer Muratti The Hot New Single You’re My Universe     Click Here For Apple Link For You’re My Universe   My name is Singer Muratti. I am a Turkish musician based in Dubai, UAE. After the sudden passing of my boss and friend from a sudden heart attack, I found […]

 Anthony Williams with Empty     Anthony Williams has been reaching iTunes UK hip hop and Rap songs chart, also iTunes US Christian chart, Global airplay charts with previous Singles. Featuring on,,, Digital Journal, & other publications.   Discover  The Artist   Anthony Williams […]

The Fan Page For Dr Jamyz Awesome New Song ‘Blinded By Your Grace   Vote For Dr Jamyz In The Air Play Chart All To You   Click Here For Deezer Link   Click Here For Spotify Link     Boston-based DJ, artist and missionary Dr Jamyz is back again with danceable offering ‘Set Free’, […]

The Fan Page For Tekki   Listen Now  

The Fan Page for David Arvisu Singer/Songwriter Click Here For Apple Link   David Arvisu David Arvisu is a Singer/Songwriter from Denton, TX. His unique voice and songwriting style are the fruit of classical, rap, and pop influences. He has been writing music since his early teens. Using powerful melodies and meaningful lyrics to touch […]

The Fan Page for rap artist Syndicate Same Ol’   Syndicate Same Ol’ on YouTube Syndicate Same Ol’ Syndicate Same Ol’ is a rap artist out of Austin Texas. He’s a part of a local record label Above All Entertainment and is one of the founding members of the label. Syndicate’s influences include 2Pac, Kendrick […]

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