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Written by on May 13, 2022

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Deep down Press release by Dave Franklin


If   Show ‘Em What You’ve Got was a brilliantly brash and buoyant slice of R&B, Ostarè returns with something slightly more chilled, more soothing, and more understated. But that is not to say that Deep Down isn’t still filled with the same message of empowerment and inner healing, it is just that whereas the previous single comes at the listener face on, a collection of soul and swagger, attitude, and ambition, Deep Down just throws its arms around you and gives you what can only be described as a sonic hug! 

It is built on similarly liquid beats, a cool clubland groove, one that is all about futuristic digital dance timings, pulsing bass beats, and smoky clubland atmospheres. But it is if not exactly subdued, certainly more subtle and seductive. There are times when a message warrants a more full-on and unavoidable delivery system, this is not one of those times and it proves that Ostarè is equally at home seducing her audience as she is seeking to subdue them. 

And again, there is a deeper message than the music might suggest if only taken at face value. Dance music is not known for being deep and meaningful, but Deep Down is an exception. Whilst it is perfect for the clubland set who just want to party the night away, and its infectious grooves guarantee that will happen, lyrically it is a love letter to security, to find your own safe space, a place where you are comfortable, where you can be yourself…a “place to call home.” 

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Not in the physical sense, more in a soul searching one, as always with Ostarè ‘s messaging, it runs on a more spiritual plane, this is metaphysical music for the modern era, pop for the Aquarian Age, dance music for the delvers into their inner consciousness. Throw away this is not! 

I probably said the same last time around too, but it is worth repeating. It is possible that Ostarè ’s marks a real change in direction for pop music, a coming of age for a genre that up until now has been seen as being driven by the fickle finger of fad and fashion. What Deep Down proves is that it is possible to make EDM music that pushes the potential of pop by being both infectious and accessible but also deep and meaningful, not a combination that we have seen on the dancefloor before but perhaps the start of something new. 

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Deep Down does lots of things but perhaps the most important one is that it raises pop’s IQ by a considerable degree, and that has got to be worth making a song and dance about. Dontchathink? 

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About Ostarè  

Ostarè is a rebirth beyond music. She is devoted to healing the inner child in everyone. By sharing her gifts from God, Ostarè  is committed to igniting the champion within and empowering people to be their best selves.  

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