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Written by on May 16, 2022

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My artist name is Mantle of Judah. Mantle of Judah (abbreviated M.O.J) is guitarist, song writer, producer and composer Jason Skiles featuring many different singers on top of his original music and productions. His music stylistically touches in on a mix of multiple genres including but not limited to: Alt Rock, Pop, Cinematic Pop, EDM, Hip Hop and Musical Soundtracks. Jason’s music is best described as influenced by many, but defined by none.

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The Song “Show You”

The song “Show You” is about how a person needs to keep their head up through the ups and downs of life, and this song showcases that as long as you keep your head held high, and have hope you will be okay. You have to believe that you yourself can push through, and you have the power in your heart to do so. Believing in yourself is the message that this song portrays. I want it to be relatable for everyone and my hope is that “Show You” can be that one song that many can run to for their safe space.

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