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Pop Rock Trytone


Fan Page For Trytone - Pop-rock


Trytone are a three-piece band who are based between Moscow and San Francisco. No, not Moscow, Idaho. Moscow, Russia. Part of the band is based in Russia and part on the west coast of the United States of America. Due to the current political situation, they are thousands of miles apart, working on their passion; making music.


The band was formed amidst the pandemics of 2020. In January Nikolay “Niko” Marenkov and Danila “Mart” Martynov both Muscovites left their previous band “Burst Souls”, where they played drums and keyboards correspondingly. Soon after the break-up they initiated a new musical project and started searching for a vocalist.

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In February after over a month of extensive search and selection the one had been found – Yaniv Illouz, The Bay Area inhabitant who previously performed main vocals in various pop-rock bands. His deep singing baritone with a distinctive timbre-matched perfectly with the kind of sound Mart and Niko had in mind for the project. They started working right away producing the two first songs “One Foot Out the Door” and “On The Run” (the songs haven’t seen the light of day but you can listen to them on their Instagram page).

Fan Page For Trytone

After the first “test run” the trio decided to record a full album – “Hyperdrive”. The single song came out in December 2021, followed by “Hey You” in February and “Bang Bang” in April of 2022. Music videos were produced for the first two singles. On the 27th of May 2022, the full 8-song maiden album was released. Songs vary from the artistic flagship single song “Hyperdrive” (which combines electronic rock of the 80s with contemporary pop production) to the 70s-style guitar-driven hard-rock beast “Tricks on You”. The band is now actively promoting the release. Their next single “Why Even Bother” is scheduled for a release in early July.

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Trytone plays pop-rock, album-oriented music. Influences include, among others, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, Audioslave, Pearl Jam, Deep Purple, Depeche Mode, Genesis, The Police, and Arctic Monkeys. The sound is a mix of 70s, 80s, and 90s styles without ever being totally predictable. Live drums, guitars, and bass as long as some vintage keyboards (Hammond, Wurlitzer, Fender Rhodes) are used in the production of their songs.

Their lyrics are often based on human relationships, vulnerabilities and insecurities, modern-day society, and challenges.⠀


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