The Fan Page for singer, songwriter Jashivo

Written by on May 24, 2022

The Fan Page for singer, songwriter Jashivo

Jashivo is a singer, songwriter, producer, and artist. Growing up in Bulgaria, he learned to play piano, and started singing later, during his stay in Kyrgyzstan. His single ‘Just Follow Me’, was written in collaboration with Felix Kotlo. The smooth and mellow rhythmic groove of the song, conjures up memories of sun-soaked beaches, late-night dancing, and innocent kisses under the moonlit. Shimmering guitars, rolling basslines, skittering hi-hats and a captivating hip-swaying beat forms the foundations for Jashivo’s melodic and uplifting vocals.


“‘Just Follow Me’ is an appeal for people to call the shots, value and respect themselves,” declares the single’s liner notes. It’s the perfect song for those moments of magical escapism, when you need to free your mind from all the things that keep you back or hold you down, and simply take care of yourself.

The track is definitely a feel-good one – simultaneously contemporary, warm and nostalgic. Its melodic beauty resonates throughout. Beautifully arranged with echoing guitars and an impressive beat, ‘Just Follow Me’ is inescapably catchy.


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Upbeat, rhythmic and seductive, the song’s sonic backdrop leads the way for Jashivo’s crystal-clear and resonating vocals. The elegant Caribbean flavors making it simply stunning. In keeping with trends and creative whims, Jashivo and Kotlo create a sort of dance-inflected pop song, which is upbeat, yet exotic and elegant.

‘Just Follow Me’ is driven by excellent musical composition and vocals. Employing compelling, spirited, guitar motifs and an ardent rhythm, the song projects hopeful positivity. Charming and evocative, the track is a feast of libertarian celebration amid the deprivation of a society that attempts to inhibit your search for personal freedom of choice and happiness in life and love.

Just Follow Me’ will carry you away, beguiled by the passion, optimism and uplifting good vibes it invokes. It is also very danceable. With seamless quality, the vocals, lyrics and instrumental, are superb.


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Jashivo is also very good at forming pictures with his lyrics. Simply relax, listen or dance, and enjoy. This record is pure pleasure. Soon you will ask yourself, why you have never heard anything by Jashivo before listening to this new single.


Jashivo comes across as an honest songwriter and performer, unafraid to expose his deepest emotions and thoughts.  It’s an attractive quality, and one which draws you towards his music. ‘Just Follow Me’, shows the ability to write powerful, relatable lyrics using simple, straightforward language. The song has a resonance that sticks with you once it finishes, and makes you want to hit the repeat button and experience it all over again.

Singer, Songwriter Jashivo

Jashivo’s latest release finds a satisfying balance between catchy pop and chill EDM, which he has perfected here. Jashivo uses his voice to great effect, without attempting to overwhelm with bombastic tones. He keeps it light, warm and easy on the ear. Right from the start, there is no hesitation or doubt, on which direction the song is going to take, as Jashivo shows a great ability to flow along with infectious style and grace.

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