The fan page for singer Sweet Lily Love

Written by on May 26, 2022

The fan page for the awesome singer Sweet Lily Love

Crafting energetic and unique beats, Sweet Lily Love is a pop dance artist bringing her own style to the electronic music world. Influenced by various dance and electronic artists throughout the 90’s to the present, Sweet Lily Love brings quality, experimental tracks to the genre that inspired her up and coming music career. With her current releases, ‘Little Kandi Raver’ and ‘Raver’s Medley’, she has shown the heart-pumping, fantasy-inducing style of her music that will bring a new kind of energy to clubs and raves all over. Currently, Sweet Lily Love is working on her debut album, which is just the beginning of the magic to come.

Sweet Lily Love

I can say that I’m a brand new artist in a genre I’ve been a long-time of. I’m a great admirer of early synth pioneers like Wendy Carlos and Gary Numan, who really helped make the magic happen in the first place. I’m completely addicted to hardstyle rave music from the ’90s-00’s and and try to emulate that same driving, centered, euphoric energy, particularly the kind found in Happy Hardcore tracks. Then there are the lesser known artists like Ronnie Martin and YMCK who turned me on to the modern magic of Chiptunes and Electropop. And I could go on and on about all the Eurodance acts over the years that bring so much life and energy into the world. All in all, what I can say abotu myself is that I’m new on the scene, I love to experiment with sound and push the envelope of what’s possible, and I’m excited to be a part of this magical cosmos called Music.
I’ve released my first full album, FRESH!,

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