Xanadu with the single Lover’s At Midnight

Written by on July 26, 2022

Xanadu with the single Lover’s At Midnight

Xanadu with the single Lover's At Midnight

“Lover’s At Midnight” a retro-pop track that spills of just raw emotions, sensation, and dignity.  With a catchy groove, a retro-feel, and an addicting chorus, the track finally after  6-months of preparation, was released. With the leader JYOUNGSHi preparing for those who want a taste of what XANADU has to offer with previous tracks; “CHAMPIONS” and “NO MYSTERY”, 

They came out with a BANG! With the main vocalist SEMMi, grabbing onto listeners with a nice adlib followed by pleasing echoed effects, The song is then kicked off by the youngest member MiNT by opening the song with beautiful and stable vocals, singing “That it’s time for us to finally realize”. 

With a nice hook that flows into the chorus perfectly, first sung by vocalist SEMMi, then the first chorus sung by member XiA, (who also follows with a small rap bit in the second verse), we get to start hearing and recognizing all of the member’s voices clearly. With each member having unique voices and singing styles, it’s a great combination of voices that makes the song whole. 

 And, we get a rap part! We get a tease of what the main rapper of the group, ADRiANE, can do! Delivering a nice sassy-energized flow to suit the song, to even switching up and singing the end chorus to finish off the song.

Although the song is recorded independently in each member’s home, with different microphones and software, it definitely show’s a promising future for this upcoming girl group to become a hot sensation.

We also get to hear the leader’s vocals, a familiar voice,  backing up SEMMi in the second verse, as well as singing the hook and being vulnerable in the bridge section of the song. 

This song, “Lover’s At Midnight” is the first collab/work that JYOUNGSHi and singer-songwriter Domingo Morales have worked on together, (also produced by Rebbel), which dates back to January of 2022. 

The song talks about “Secret lovers’, feeling like it’s all good and games, until reality kicks in, like getting caught. Realizing that it’s more than just a “thing”, rather than falling in love and creating emotions that are dangerous to the current situation, since there’s already “somebody by their side”. 

Xanadu had gone through multiple member changes in order to create this sensation in order to debut. From going 6 members, to 3, then 7,

to finally the official 5 members, with just a remaining of 3 original members(JYOUNGSHi, ADRiANE, MiNT). With the addiction of members; Xia and SEMMi, it is safe to say, the group feels complete and filled with rising talent. The song had gone through multiple…. multiple delays due to recording issues and timing issues. But yes, finally! 

With many takes and patience, the song was fully recorded, then organized, and sent out to the group’s mixer, the same mixer that mixed JYOUNGShi’s two tracks; “NO MYSTERY” & “CHAMPIONS ”, who is known as Shorttonpro.

Although the group is not under any labels and is independent and fully managed and budgeted by the leader, JYOUNGSHi, it is incredible with the quality they give with just the standards/circumstances that are given. 

 Xanadu does plan on trying to release more tracks this year before trying for any labels/records. They plan on releasing at least 4 more songs this year for those who have waited on their debut since the beginning of this year.

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Xanadu with the single Lover's At Midnight

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Xanadu with the single Lover's At Midnight

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