The book seven superpowers by Dr Maria Gilmour

Written by on August 3, 2022

The book seven superpowers by Dr Maria Gilmour

seven superpowers

Seven Superpowers


Seven Superpowers breaks parental management into seven positive “powers” and discusses the abilities they already possess to respond to challenging situations in ways that keep the household peaceful. The result is a win-win – a family that likes being together, spending precious moments enjoying each other’s company, instead of putting out fires in ways that could start an inferno and keep everyone on edge.

Maria told UK Talk Radio “The information in my book was inspired by ways my own parents raised me and my siblings. My mother and father surely had insight into their own superpowers long before anyone was discussing best practices in bringing up children. The Seven Superpowers comes from studying successful methods being used, my professional and personal experience, and from my own research.”

“I have worked professionally the past 20 years as a parent educator and board-certified behavior analyst. I currently am CEO of Wynne Solutions where we deliver high-quality behavior therapy to caregivers. I’m also Chief Clinical Officer of GemIIni Systems, where I oversee clinical team operations and research. Gemiini is the industry leader in on-demand video modeling for kids with and without exceptionalities.”


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seven superpowers

How Parents Can Shift from Punishment and Control to Comfort and Success!

Families today barely have the bandwidth to make dinner, let alone implement a behavior program. Dr. Maria Gilmour has developed seven easy-to-remember “superpowers” — innate strengths — that parents can use to calm a tense moment, help a child feel secure, and create the conditions for success.

Dr. Gilmour is a parent educator and board-certified behavior analyst who has been working with families and schools for the past 20 years to help parents bring their home life back to the loving basics.

“As a parent, you are on a sacred mission,” Maria explains. “You may feel life shoved you into a parenting role without the skills or fortitude required — especially if your kids behave in ways you never expected. Children need to know that they are not alone and that their needs will be met.”

Instead of academic theory, Maria uses stories and anecdotes to illustrate seven simple superpowers – proven approaches to parenting that will help you think on your feet, see the world through your kids’ eyes, and set them up for success.

Seven Superpowers is packed with easy-to-use tools to help caregivers navigate through everyday challenges using compassion and positivity.

Maria Gilmour, Ph.D., BCBA-D


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