Discount on Integrity from Barbara Craig

Written by on August 24, 2022

Discount on Integrity from Barbara Craig

Discount on Integrity from Barbara Craig


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Geoff Carter the UK Talk Radio CEO and breakfast show presenter says

“At UK Talk Radio we’re proud to play music by Barbara Craig who offers such diversity in her music.  From ‘Air that we breathe’ a poignant song which resonated with people during the pandemic. A song that shows the maturity of the artist and the observational power that Barbara possess. 

To the number one single ‘So Close’ which opens with the wondrous sound of the harp. Then leads us on an expensive journey with two people crying out for each other, yet they are separated by continents. This song proves Barbara’s storytelling ability through music as the song’s spell tugs you in so powerfully that you just want to play it repeatedly.

Discount on Integrity from Barbara Craig

‘In you we trust’ starts with lush strings and continues with a powerful funk, soul riff that you can’t get out of your head.

Enjoy the playful side of singer Barbara Craig in ‘I shrunk your pants’. Is this love at the washing machine

These are just four of the tracks on the album integrity which you can now get 20% off. This offer won’t last forever. I recommend singer Barbara Craig and the album integrity. You can get your copy from . This is new music to enjoy, own & treasure.”

Discount on Integrity from Barbara Craig

Barbara Craig on YouTube with ‘In You We Trust’

 Barbara Craig says to her fans

Hi, I’m a singer/songwriter/composer. I’m from Dublin, Ireland. 

I started off in contemporary music but have recently decided to diversify and go over to writing mainstream music. I have spent the past year writing the Integrity music album.

First, my hugely successful single ‘I’m still listening’ rose to number 3 in the UK Talk Radio Hot 90 music charts in early 2022. I’m even happier to report that my latest single “So Close” reached no.1 in the UK Talk Radio Charts. I just want to say a big Thank You to all my audience, fans and followers. You have helped make this happen and that is amazing!! So Close was charting at no 2 for a while so to make it all the way to no 1 is super special to me! Anyway, the primary motivating reason – I have put my music directly up onto my personal website is to make it affordable and globally accessible to all! I really hope you enjoy my very first pop music album

Discount on Integrity from Barbara Craig

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