The colours of Cameron Lacrimosa

Written by on January 13, 2023

The colours of Cameron Lacrimosa

The colours of Cameron Lacrimosa

Cameron Lacrimosa is an artist who doesn’t really know how to fit into the music industry . For him music is like painting. Everything can be added regardless of rules and regulations.

Just the same as you csn add colours, of every shade, as long as the final result is beautiful and has the power to move the world. This is the magic of creating potent music

The story behind ‘When I Was A kid’

The song is about the despair and the loneliness that i’ve experienced when my best friend that i knew since we were kindergarten. He was the best friend i had and was the only one who didn’t find me weird or annoying. I was always harassed or bullied for not being like the others and for being too attached to the people i was trying to be friends with.

But this friend of mine didn’t judge me and didn’t find me too clingy either. He liked me for who i was and respected me. We were having great times together since he was living near our house.

We grew together up until he eventually moved with his mom to live away from me. Unfortunately, his parents divorced, and after that, everything fell apart.

I was being bullied again. The harassement was bigger than it ever was when i started college, and all i could do was either run away from it or fight it.

Sometimes, i would just try to escape and just hide from the bullies, but sometimes i would get into a fight against most of my class.

That’s a thing i wanted to share into my music since bullying and harassement shouldn’t happen to anyone. I think it’s something that resonates with people.

When the only person that you were spending time and made you happy, you can’t help but feel abandoned and broken from the inside. I wish everyone could find someone to be happy, and i wish the best to everyone who is still having struggles in life.

You are not alone, and you’re strong. Don’t give up your life because one life is not something limited to bad times and sadness. You will find happiness, i promise. Just keep going.


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The colours of Cameron Lacrimosa



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