Author Of The Month Oluwaseun Akinrinmola

Written by on January 21, 2023

Author Of The Month Oluwaseun Akinrinmola

Author Of The Month Oluwaseun Akinrinmola

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About Oluwaseun Akinrinmola

Author Of The Month Oluwaseun Akinrinmola
Oluwaseun Akinrinmola, is a Monetization coach for Public- Health professionals and a renowned professional in the field of public health with a Master’s degree in Health Promotion and Education as well as the founder of ‘lifeteampublichealth’. With her knowledge, years of experience, and skillset, She has created a community for Public-health professionals to learn personal development, career development, and professional development. Her ultimate passion and ambition are to bridge the gap between researchers and the general
public. She does this by discussing global health issues and how they can be prevented. She has a podcast channel for researchers to discuss their research findings for everyone to learn and improve policy formation by limiting the number of research work dumped on the desks of school authorities and nothing is being done.

Her aim is to empower people to take control of their health, by giving them the right
health information and tools about the social issues around them. Especially concerning common
health issues like Obesity, teenage pregnancy, and elder abuse, etc.

About The Book

Author Of The Month Oluwaseun Akinrinmola

public health is a very multidisciplinary profession that everyone out there is very proud to be associated with especially in this era of vast development.

We have over thousands of graduates a year in and year out who are well-trained, equipped, and culturally diverse individuals who put programs in place to promote healthy lifestyles among the people.
Author Of The Month Oluwaseun AkinrinmolaOver the years, public health professionals have complained about the difficulties in getting jobs after a degree. Some are fortunate enough to get jobs after the degree while others are still struggling to get a meaningful career. We have lost a lot of creative minds in the field as a result of the challenges of getting a job when in a real sense you are equipped with skills.

Author Of The Month Oluwaseun Akinrinmola

This book will be a hands-on guide on how to monetize your skills as a professional in this field. You don’t have to waste your time waiting for employment, start from somewhere and work your way up.

Author Of The Month Oluwaseun Akinrinmola


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Author Of The Month Oluwaseun Akinrinmola


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