Stephen buss with A Higher Mind: The Enchiridion Of Emotions

Written by on January 26, 2023

A Higher Mind: The Enchiridion Of Emotions

by Stephen Buss

The Enchiridion Of Emotions

This book “The Enchiridion Of Emotions” was written as an alternative view on mainstream psychology and is an individual’s antidote to understanding unhealthy states of mind.

It’s reading will take you from a virtual world to one where everything you have ever wished for is available in the reality of your own life.

The Enchiridion Of Emotions

When your mind is starting to face an uphill struggle, use the words and exercises in its chapters to help you overcome whatever emotional obstacle you face in your mind and in real life.

Written with simple exercises to promote the possibility of maximising your true potential, with the odd poem and is a must read for everyone.

Not even seen as written chapter by chapter, more level by level for the ease of everyday advantage and access for future reference.

The Enchiridion Of Emotions

Meet Stephen Buss

Born on a cold Octobers night in the early 1970’s, Stephen was destined to achieve many things and from an early age he always looked to help people, in many ways it has helped him as he understands the problem to find a solution.

Owner of an inquisitive mind, always asking questions, science was a subject that fascinated him, he fell into his first scientific role with a global pharmaceutical giant because he could play Cricket!

He appreciated the study of chemistry and psychology, to relate human perception and response to chemical stimulus and worked for some of the largest blue-chip companies in the world on innovations and strategic research of new product development.

Infamous for helping stop animal testing as regulatory requirements and justifying products for safe use and human consumption, a historical steppingstone to his future work and a project that affects more than half the World’s population.

He is lucky in life, kindhearted and generous, he managed a staggering 6000+ hours volunteering over Covid Lockdowns before consciously putting pen to paper in September 2021 to write “A higher mind”.

At 650 pages, 50 chapters and 155,000+words, its writing continued but focused on the obstacles and barriers that had stopped him or confused him on his journey through life as a scientific mind.

Described in the past as a Genius this first book was written initially as his own lessons in life, how to deal with stress, rejection, loneliness were just the start as he then confronted his fear of death and presented it softly in written form as his best friend.

Its writing soon transformed to accommodate exercises based on certain beliefs about energy and negative thinking. As an open minded scientist this was the ideal opportunity to help others help understand themselves through writing.

Self-published and available through Amazon only, he has pledged all proceeds to mental health charity and hopes its content help those reading for pleasure or study about the life they have always wanted.




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