Ostarè Breaks Down Emotional Walls with New Release “Walls”

Written by on March 8, 2023

Ostarè Breaks Down Emotional Walls with New Release “Walls”

Ostarè with walls

American recording artist and a grammy advocate musician Ostarè has announced the release of her latest single, “Walls”. The song is about breaking through emotional barriers and confronting the ups and downs of life. It is poised to captivate listeners with its powerful message of healing and empowerment.

The Single That Is Breaking Down ‘Walls’

With its dynamic beats and poignant lyrics, “Walls” invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and healing. The song is an ode to the struggles we all face in life and how we can overcome them by facing them head-on.

“Walls” is a unique blend of organic sounds like funky bass, electric guitar, and electronic synths. The mix of instruments is intentionally kept minimal to create breathing room while still featuring the funky bass up front.

In “Walls,” Ostarè draws on her personal experiences to deliver a message of hope and resilience. The song encourages listeners to embrace the roller coaster ride of life and be brave enough to confront their emotions, no matter how challenging they may seem. Through her music, Ostarè aims to inspire others to break through their emotional walls and find the strength within themselves to heal.

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The Video For Walls

Ostarè with walls


The accompanying music video for “Walls” is a creative and visually stunning piece. It features an animated version of Ostarè going on a roller coaster ride, breaking down walls of anxiety, depression, anger, and other emotional barriers that stop people from being free and happy. The video is a powerful representation of the song’s message and provides a moving visual representation of the roller coaster ride of life.

The music video for “Walls” is now available on Tidal and Apple Music, and Vevo. Fans of Ostarè’s previous work will appreciate the new direction that she has taken with this single, and newcomers will be drawn in by the uplifting message and unique sound. “Walls” is sure to be a hit and a must-listen for anyone who needs a reminder that it is possible to break down emotional walls and find healing.


Ostarè with walls





Ostarè with walls


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