Rock music from Majic

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Rock music from Majic

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‘Lost’ by Majic

“Majic’s ‘Lost’ Is the Explosive and Emotionally Charged Track You Can’t Afford to Miss on ‘The Room'”

Uk Talk Radio’s Geoff Carter says

Majic’s “Lost” is an explosive track that ignites the senses with its perfect balance of raw aggression and irresistible melody. From the first riff of the sizzling guitars to the pulsating basslines and steady drumbeat, the song charges ahead with an unrelenting energy that grabs hold and never lets go. The haunting and unforgettable melody, paired with the exhilarating guitar solo, creates an atmosphere of pure electricity. “Lost” is just one of the awesome tracks on “The Room,” a masterpiece that perfectly encapsulates Majic’s talent for seamlessly blending different elements to create a thrilling and unforgettable musical experience.


‘The Room’ by Majic

‘The Room’ by Majic

Geoff Carter the host of the flagship UK Talk Radio breakfast show says

🎸🤘 Majic’s album “The Room” is a masterpiece that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. The lyrics are so thought-provoking and deep that they will leave you pondering long after the music has stopped. The band’s musical prowess is simply remarkable, with each member showcasing their exceptional technical aptitude. The way Wil J Hair’s guitars blend perfectly with Randy Paine’s slamming drums is awe-inspiring, and Dave Annan’s electrifying vocals will leave you feeling invigorated.🎸

The album is a thrilling and captivating journey, with each track taking you on a new adventure. The band’s confidence and technical skill shine through in every moment, as they navigate through a maze of complexity with ease and finesse. From thunderous energy to infectious melodies, the album is filled with powerful emotions that will touch your soul. You can feel the passion and dedication that Majic has poured into this album, making it a truly remarkable experience. Wil J Hair, guitars. Randy Paine, drums. Dave Annan, vocals – these three talented individuals come together to create a sound that will leave you breathless.🎸🤘

“Rising Rock Stars Majic Sweep UK with Heart-Stopping Hit ‘A Love Like Yours and Mine’ – Discover the Album Behind the Chart-Topping Single ‘The Room'”

🎸🤘 Get ready to rock out with the hottest band in town! Majic has been taking the music world by storm with their latest album, ‘The Room.’ 🌊🎶 Their smash hit single, ‘A Love Like Yours and Mine’ has just hit the top of the UK Talk Radio Hot 100, making them a rising star in the rock music scene. 🚀🎤 Don’t miss out on this electrifying band’s dynamic sound and powerful lyrics that are sure to leave you breathless! 🎸🤘


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‘The Room’ By Majic On Apple Music

Rock music from Majic

Number One In The Charts

The success of ‘A Love Like Yours and Mine’ is no surprise to anyone who has listened to Majic’s album, ‘The Room.’ The album is a masterpiece, filled with great tracks that showcase the band’s talent and versatility. ‘A Love Like Yours and Mine’ is a standout track on the album, with its infectious melody, soul touching vocals, and dynamic guitar riffs. The song’s success is a testament to the band’s ability to create music that is both catchy, meaningful, and fun. Its throwback style is infectious.


Majic with ‘A love like yours and mine’ On Apple Music

Love Walk

Another great track on the album is ‘Love Walk.’ This song has a more basic rock sound, but it’s no less impactful than the other tracks. The lyrics are heartfelt and honest, and the melody is hauntingly beautiful. The lead singer’s voice is raw and powerful, conveying a sense of vulnerability that is both captivating and relatable.

Rock music from Majic


‘Over’ is another standout track on the album. This song has a heavier sound compared to the others, with strong guitar riffs and drums that are sure to get you rocking. The lyrics are powerful and introspective, exploring themes of heartbreak and moving on. The lead vocal from Sheri is commanding and intense, conveying the emotions of the song perfectly.

The Album-The Room

Majic’s album, ‘The Room’ is a fantastic addition to any rock music fan’s collection. The album seamlessly blends different shades of rock music, creating a unique sound that is both refreshing and memorable. The band’s ability to write and perform powerful songs with meaningful lyrics is a testament to their creativity and passion for music. It’s no wonder that their hit single, ‘A Love Like Yours and Mine’ has reached the number one spot on the UK Talk Radio Hot 100, and we can only expect great things from this rising rock band.


The Room by Majic In The Uk Talk Radio Album Charts

Rock music from Majic

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Over (feat. Shari)


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Rock music from Majic

Love Walk from the album The Room

Rock music from Majic


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