“The Spirit of Toronto” Potential animated TV series and album of songs soundtrack explained

Written by on March 11, 2023

“The Spirit of Toronto” Potential animated TV series and album of songs soundtrack explained….

The Spirit of Toronto

My animation project is titled “The Spirit of Toronto, and I spent over two years updating and re-writing a film / TV concept I had many years ago. This is with a UK elite pro illustrator named Thayen Rich who has UK and USA feature film experience & TV and other projects.

We have already written the concepts and illustrated potential scenes for multiple series and episodes. The series is based around a highly original true story of a magical book I found in the loft of my home In Toronto Road Portsmouth UK.

The book contains stories and adventures dating back to 1873 Ancient Magical China, Wild West USA 1873, Victorian UK 1873 and current times.

The Spirit of Toronto

With both realistic human, human – amorphic and magical fantasy characters.

  • I can let more info of this out in due course.

In 2021 explored the possibility of “The Spirit of Toronto” being produced as an animation, but it would need a major network Like Netflix, Amazon or a major animation studio.

So, I have commissioned 4 short mini episodes of the best possible demo or “Previz” animation my budget will allow. 3 are already fully animated.

My four mini episodes are purely the story leading up to my animated avatar finding the book, and leading up to page one of the stories.

The book will take some serious investment by a major partner to bring to life, and my proposed animation style and standard will be different to my four mini episodes.

Hopefully as radically different as when the original “Wizard of Oz” changed from black and white to colour.

The Spirit of Toronto

A Veteran Writer

As a veteran writer from the music business with numerous releases under different brands and on numerous different record labels I do have a wealth of experience.

But “The Spirit of Toronto” proposed series is my first ever attempt at writing a potential TV / streaming show and animation.

So, to raise interest in “The Spirit of Toronto” animated project, I have decided to co-write and produce a soundtrack of songs of several different genre and productions, with each song specifically written or chosen for a potential scene or episode from my magic book.

The majority are all new songs, apart from just one or two from my back catalogue which may suit potential scenes. There are some incredible singers, artists and producers I have brought in behind the scenes.

To date I have already recorded several songs for the soundtrack featuring different Vocalists / Artists, and one song “Memories” featuring performances by myself with Operatic Duo Trovatori was already released two weeks ago and building up nicely.

Plus of course my Deltiimo pop dance music brand, Lisa Love Barron and more.

“The Spirit of Toronto” soundtrack songs recorded so far and artists and producers’ names etc. New songs being added as we produce them…

Song- Memories: Vocal Artists Gary Louca and Trovatori (Darren & Caroline Clarke)

Lyricist Gary Louca * Plus Italian lyrics by Trovatori

Composer Producer / Bradon Grobler

Song- Look to The Stars (Cinematic ballad mix) – Vocal Artist – Lisa Love Barron

Lyricist Gary Louca Additional writing Lisa Love Barron

Composer Producer / Bradon Grobler


Song – Love Sometimes It Hurts Vocal – Artist Gary Louca under Deltiimo plus inhouse backing vocalist.

Lyricist Gary Louca

Composer Producer / Bradon Grobler


Song – Weigh Down on You – Artist – ( feat USA vocalist Christian Eric)

Lyricist Gary Louca

Producer Kevin Cho

Note* There are several more songs in production now.

Musical animation soundtrack score

Animated Trailer, Back Story and additional score by

Joe Sanders whos’ own credits include Marvel in Humans and more.


Animated Episode two musical score by

David Ricard who’s own credits include Tom & Jerry & The Pink Panther.

Animation episodes mixing engineer

Mark Wilshire who’s own credits include The Lords of The Rings, The Hobbit Trilogy, Paddington, Downton Abbey the movie and more.

I propose to release the songs over the course of 2023, and four mini episodes of “The Spirit of Toronto” onto the channel



Youtube Garylouca


Youtube Video

#GaryLouca #Trovatori

“MEMORIES” available at: garylouca

From the Soundtrack to the animated motion picture “The Spirit of Toronto”
Copyright Louca Music Records

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