The Mysterious Secret Guardians In the London Underground By Dorothy McCoy

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The Mysterious Secret Guardians In the London Underground By Dorothy McCoy


The Mysterious Secret Guardians In the London Underground By Dorothy McCoy

Sir Winston Churchill saved the Western World from the treacherous and psychopathic Adolph Hitler and his dogged followers. Later Sir Winston returned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1951 and retired in 1955. He died 10 years later in 1965. Everyone thought he had done his part for world peace. Rest in Peace good and faithful servant. Not so, mysterious entities from Beyond brought him and Dr. Albert Einstein back one more time. The Nazi menace had resurfaced in the person of the evil and demonical Dr. Josef Mengele and his small group of diabolical scientists. The Angel of Death plans to clone three of the most dangerous Nazis from WWII: Hitler, Goebbels, and Himmler. Mengele has a plan that has a high likelihood of success. He has the viable cells for cloning, scientists in biotechnology, genetics, and life extension science at his disposal. He also has unlimited resources from Neo Nazis groups around the world.

Who can stop the impending devastation? It rumbles toward humanity just as surely as did the Nazi tanks in 1940 as they demolished everything in their paths. Who can stop it? Only one man, the man who defeated Hitler by the sheer strength of his character and his powerful inspirational leadership. Sir Winston Churchill aided by Dr. Albert Einstein, Air Marshall David Smythe, former Assistant Director of MI5, Dr. Raven Wyndot, and Sophie the mysterious Great Dane challenge the entire Neo Nazi worldwide structure. The head of the Snake is Dr. Mengele and he must be found!

The Clues Lead The Way!

They travel the world following clues wherever those clues lead them. From the historic Savoy Hotel in London to the sunny sands of Brighton Beach, to the snowy peaks of Austria they investigate every potential lead. The Guardians slowly put together the plot to control the world and all of humanity. There are dead bodies, false leads, treacherous people, and dead ends along their convoluted path.

As the only mortal member of the Secret Guardian Team Dr. Wyndot, aka Bones, is attacked and almost killed several times. Sophie and the Team try to keep Bones alive, but she must do her part and she most certainly fights back with vigour and courage. She was brought onto the team when she bought an old book written by Sir Winston Churchill.

Now, the team is fighting to save mankind.


Dorothy McCoy

Greetings, Dear Readers!

I have written several books and I can write about law enforcement because I worked as a South Carolina State Constable, taught at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy, and worked briefly in a Cold Case Squad. Fascinating!

I have been a licensed counsellor for almost 20 years; I have spoken at numerous international conferences on psychopaths and narcissists, and written books related to counselling. The material for this series, The Mysterious Secret Guardians, was pulled from my hard-earned knowledge and experience. I enjoy research, a skill I leaned on heavily in crafting my books. The history is accurate, the locations and science described are accurate. Before embarking on this project, I read every book I could find on Churchill, as well as many of the 72 books he wrote. I am a lover of mystery and paranormal stories, and this was my chance to write both and what fun it was! I can’t stop writing the series because my characters would die! So, more to come!

Sophie helps me with the big words.

I love gardening, hiking, the beach, and stimulating conversation! I would love to hear from you please reach out to me or Sophie. We answer! Hugs, Bones




Dorothy McCoy

Review Of The Mysterious Secret Guardians In the London Underground By Dorothy McCoy

The Uk Talk Radio’s flagship breakfast presenter, Geoff Carter says;


The premise of the book described in the text is intriguing and thought-provoking. It presents an alternate history in which Sir Winston Churchill and Dr. Albert Einstein are brought back from beyond to face a new threat from the resurrected Nazi menace. The author sets up an exciting and fast-paced plot that will appeal to readers who enjoy action, suspense, and thrillers.

The characters are well-developed, and readers will find themselves rooting for Sir Winston Churchill and his team as they attempt to stop the impending devastation. The inclusion of historical figures such as Churchill and Einstein adds depth to the story and provides a sense of realism to the fictional events that unfold.

The book’s message of standing up against evil and fighting for what is right is a timeless and universal one that resonates with readers of all ages. The author’s writing style is engaging and descriptive, bringing the story to life and immersing the reader in the world that she has created.

Overall, “The Mysterious Secret Guardians In the London Underground” by Dorothy McCoy is an exciting and captivating read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. It is a book that is sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys a good thriller, alternate history, or action-packed adventure.


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