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Written by on May 31, 2022

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Efi talking about her new single “bad pic” says;

Are you perfect?
No, nobody is perfect
We all have flaws and that’s ok
But some people don’t understand that
And that’s a problem
I wake up every morning and get dressed
And then i am stressed out because
Of what I’m gonna wear
What makeup i should i put on
How i’m gonna do my hair
And will do anything to make us beautiful
I’m always overthinking and feeling insecure
What they think about me every single day
And then i forget who i was really am
That’s why i made a song about being yourself
About not caring what other people think about you
Not comparing yourself to them
It’s about the real me
So don’t forget to check it out today
on all digital platforms
And tomorrow on my youtube channel
Bad Pics my new song
Love you guys and thank you so much

Efi and Dua Lipa


Singer Efi Gjika

Singer Efi Gjika

Efi is a 13 year old singer, ex junior eurovision participant representing Albania on 2018.
After this she came out with 10 song the last one called Bad Pics.


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