Singer Reece Van Schalkwyk

Written by on April 19, 2023

Singer Reece Van Schalkwyk

Reece Van Schalkwyk – My Story:

Singer Reece Van Schalkwyk

“My song – Forgive It All – is about someone who comes to terms with their deeply sensitive emotional state and is overcoming the complexities and suffering of everything they have been through alone. From wrestling with sky-high expectations, all the way to taking insane measures just to reach a goal…that’s the place where this song was born. I speak about what it means to sacrifice, trust, and let go to finally forgive in the end. The entire tone of my on the original song, is most truly discovered through my voice as I sing each line, and changes gradually from beginning to end – beginning with a soft whisper…and ending with full orchestral drama – to really show how much of a rollercoaster that life and emotion can be, perfectly balanced and chaotic at times. Life for me, is quite similar to a movie or a dramatically satisfying poem. And only through the crazy adventures I have had in the past 4 years, was I able to get to the point where I could actually write a song so meaningful like this…and I wrote it all by myself while going through an extremely tough time in which I was not coping at all.”

Singer Reece Van Schalkwyk

The Singer Reece Van Schalkwyk

I am Reece Van Schalkwyk. I have existed for 23 years on planet earth which is extremely funny when I consider it – life is quite entertaining. Since I was a child, I have lived in South Africa and experienced many crazy things that have shaped me for the better and shown me many different perspectives on life and how things can change in the most surprising ways. When I was a child and a teenager, I used to think that life would never get better and that I would always feel miserable, I was so lost in the maze and couldn’t grasp at reality the way everyone else could – I kept losing my grip. Then after 2 decades finally passed…I found my way again and found my sanity after enduring a seemingly endless emotional and mental hell. I realized that I have a greater purpose, and that is exactly what kept me going.

Music is one of my deepest reasons to keep breathing as it is the only thing I feel great passion for and makes life worth it. When it comes to inspirations… I have a very special love and admiration for Celine Dion. She is undoubtedly one of the most extremely skilled and talented singers on this earth. She executes every performance and note with perfect technical control and hypnotizing emotion which gets right through to me every time. Of course I have many other artists who I admire such as Freddie Mercury, Whitney Houston, Avril Lavigne and Evanescence…particularly those in the Rock genre. I have performed at countless events since 2009 – weddings, corporate functions, government events, parties etc – which gave me exposure and great experience which cannot be bought. I have been in many studios and recorded many cover-songs, but never invested so much into a single project until now – and that is what makes my original song special to me. Another main thing about me is that I actually am a self-taught video-editor who has been filming and creating my own videos since 2015. I use that particular skill often when creating and directing my musical projects, to bring the vision to life properly. I also play piano, which makes me an even more emotional being. There is so much I could say, but it’s better to keep it simple and conclude with this: Where I am now, could never compare to what the future holds…and I look forward to who I become, as I enjoy every moment of who I am right now.
Singer Reece Van Schalkwyk

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